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16 reasons to vote HDP, the candle in Turkey’s darkness

by Rebwar Rashed*, The Region

President Erdogan surprised people in Turkey and the world by announcing that Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections will be brought forward to June 24, 2018, instead of November 2019, more than a year earlier than planned, that´s after reaching an agreement with the head of the nationalist MHP party, Devlet Bahceli.

At least since 2002, Mr. Erdogan has continuously proven that deep in his heart, he really is ashamed of the gospel. He gladly allows for the sins in his life to flow with the same ease with which he breathes the air. He has built a life based on lies, fabrications, and all sorts of corruption, spending people’s money on the things which will only benefit him, his friends, his family and so on. But his favourite sin, which he is ever so glad to commit, is his love of hating Kurdish people, just as the thorn hates the rose. His only job as president of Turkey is to come to a plan on how he could make himself a sultan or an “executive president”, as he himself prefers to call it. He otherwise doesn’t care much about the lives of Turkey’s peoples’, their money and well-being, not to mention their future and reputation on the global stage.

Counting from 2002, some 16 years since taking power, he has managed to do for Turkey what Ayatollah Khomeini promised to do for Iran with success; to construct his vision of the ideal democracy, one where radical Islamism is interwoven with ultra-nationalistic rhetoric. If Turkey is to leave the darkness which enshrouds it, then its peoples’ must chart a new course. The democrats in the world and all kinds of ideologies and religions, which show zero tolerance towards fascism, Nazism, racism, misogyny and oppression must encourage them to do so, they must help the citizenry of Turkey support the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and Mr. Selahattin Demirtas, who is the HDP’s candidate for Turkey’s presidency.

All Kurds´, Turks, Armenians, Assyrians, Laz, Charkas, Romans, Greece and other ethnicities in Turkey must vote for Demirtas. Non-Muslims, and Muslims — especially the marginalized non-Sunni´s – and practitioners of endangered religions like the Yazidis must vote for Mr. Selahattin Demirtas.

Why vote for Mr. Selahattin Demirtas? Here are 16 reasons why:
1)The HDP is not solely a Kurdish political party. The HDP is the Peoples’ Democratic Party/ Democratic Party of the Peoples in Turkey.

Despite the state´s fabricated allegations and accusations to discredit the HDP, and again despite the state´s organized Islamic violence against the grassroots of the HDP, it is the only political party in Turkey which doesn´t hide behind populism and truly advocates for freedom, civic society and democratic society. The HDP can set up bridges towards a civic nation-building project and construct a democratic Turkey which can provide freedom, safety, security and unity to non-Turkic peoples and non-Sunni Muslims.

2)The HDP is a rational patriotic political party which provides concrete solutions to Turkey´s many problems.

The HDP is an answer to the planned institutional role of Turkey’s presidency under Erdogan, based on an aggressive and violent mentality. The HDP is against a system of thought which has produced a psychopath invested in radical Islamist ideology and the promulgation of conspiracy theories. Turkey’s president is convinced that the peoples of the greater Middle East belongs to the Ottomans, that he has got the burden of liberating “Jerusalem”, taking over Kurdish lands, Iraq, Syria, parts of Iran, Israel, Philistine, Jordan, other Arabic countries as Egypt and even Northern Africa. He dreams of military might and compares Turkey with countries like US, Russia, China and others. The HDP is the only opposition against this vision. Inspired by a warped, pseudo-historical vision of the Ottoman times, when the President of Turkey is confronted with real history, he does everything he can to change it. He’ll do so mostly by demographic change in Kurdish areas, although he has also gone so far as to destroy historical sites and obliterate counter-evidential realities against his worldview. If confronted, face to face with the reality of the Kurdish question, his response is to displace and deport Kurds. This is a man who embodies militant hyper-masculinity. He loves to wear dark sunglasses, while military figures surround and fawn over him. He is a man with a Saddam-Hussein syndrome who starts an arms build-up for the sake of flexing Turkey’s muscles. His seemingly radical religiosity is, too, a manifestation of his masculinity. His mosques need to appear with huge Minarets, ones which remind him of gigantic male-organs or a bigger version of the Russian´s S-500´s he would like to aim in the deep sky, and prepare for the ultimate penetration. Erdogan’s masculinity is pan-Islamistic, turning tragedy into militarism. He invented the “Rabaa or Rabbi’ah” sign Rabaa, the hand gesture and sign that all of the Moslem Brotherhood has used since 2013 to symbolize one God, one Nation, one flag and one land. Turkey’s president is the personification of everything wrong in turkey today.

The anti-militaristic HDP, in its advocacy for peace, for minorities, and it must be emphasized, in its worldview centring women and the cause for their liberation, embodies Turkey’s hope.

3)The HDP can take initiative to solve the Kurdish issue by political and peaceful means. It can start a reconciliation process between Turks and Kurds and between Turks and others as Armenians, to let Mr. Ocalan “breathe his first air of freedom” so he can contribute to a lasting solution of the Kurdish question and a democratization process of Turkey.

4) The HDP and secular Turks can bring about a secular Turkey granting freedom of religion, freedom from religion and promoting the freedom of all beliefs to everyone.

5)The HDP and other peace-loving Turks can prevent a Syriafication of Turkey. They can change Turkey’s foreign policy, and bring home Turkish soldiers from foreign lands. The HDP can make peace with the army. They can challenge the status quo, where Mr. Erdogan punishes Turkish soldiers, sending them to wars they shouldn’t be involved in as cannon fodder, only to parade their pale dead bodies upon their return while labeling them his own martyrs.

6)The HDP and Turkish citizens who believe in human rights and a civic society can dissolve the brutal and terrifying secret police of Turkey and Turkey’s so called “Civil police” and replace them both with an organized, new police force in a transparent manner and in accordance with EU regulations.

7)The HDP and other Turks who believe in a sustainable democracy, a transparent bureaucracy, and more universal civic rights can start to implement a road map for Turkey to become an EU member.

8)The HDP and Turks who believe in social justice can bring back dignity and self-confidence to the peoples of Turkey and put an end to this system of corruption, nepotism and fraught. There are millions of Turks who cannot afford more than a piece of bread or cannot enjoy any kinds of social benefits.

9)The HDP and all Turks who believe in women rights can reverse the current policy of humiliating women and treating them exclusively either as sex objects or child-making machines.

10)The HDP and all those Turks who believe in humanity will, alongside a policy of negotiated settlements and non-interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries, facilitate mechanisms that send home refugees from Syria who decide to do so. For those who don’t, it will grant them proper residence and work permission in Turkey. Refugees deserve to lead and enjoy normal lives. Right now the AKP government is using Syrian refugees as foot soldiers, recruiting them for Jihadist warfare, and using them as a blackmailing political instrument to put pressure on Europe for more and more money. Turkey uses female refugees in state-organized trafficking and prostitution rings. Many Islamists, from Turkey and around the world, are going to Turkey to “marry” under-aged girls, taking advantage of a law that Erdogan signed into existence to give Mufti’s the power to preside over these marriages. The agony of Syrian political refugees must come to an end. This will also put an end to the demographical changes Mr. Erdogan is busy with, where he settles hundreds of thousands of radical Islamists along Turkey’s border while displacing Kurds.

11)The HDP and other patriotic Turks can come together to implement a friendly, economic, trade, and cultural foreign relations with other countries. The HDP can, for the first time in the Turkish state´s history, make peace with Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians and other nations in the region.

12)The HDP and other peace-loving Turks will free political prisoners and provide an amnesty to those people who were alleged to have been disloyal or hostile to the state. It will remove the stump of suspicion placed on them by a repressive state.

13)The HDP and the democratic freedom minded Turks will let the education system organize and manage its proper duties, on the basis of science, rational thought, free inquiry, truth, justice, and liberty. A necessary remedy to Erdogan´s Muslim Brotherhood Islamism, and all of the other fascistic and anti-Semitic ideologies promoted in the education sector.

14)Mr. Selahattin DemirtaÅŸ belongs to a younger generation, raised by parents who are tired of war and who are blessed with a great culture of tolerance, love, music and art. He is a person who can smile, laugh and make jokes. He is a charming and a pleasing human being, the kind of leader that Turkey needs today.

15)The HDP and other freedom-loving Turks will set the media free and give a chance to the free word to talk about friendship, love, human rights, solidarity, empathy and political tolerance.

16)The HDP is innovative by being diverse, pluralistic and inclusive, and by being respectful to the diversities and the differences of peoples.

So why does the president of Turkey hate Kurdish people so much? The answer is simple. The Kurdish liberation movement endorses all of these points above. The Kurdish liberation movement is the anti-thesis to Erdogan´s Muslim Brotherhood ideology, it´s the only democratic movement which can stop Turkish racism and ultra-nationalism and rescue the region from a total war of destruction.

Therefore, we all have to support the HDP and Turkish democrats as it is the best and only way to bring an end to the nightmare that is the AKP´s regime.

*Rebwar Rashed has been the Co-chairman of the Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK since September 2015.