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A new Massacre by ISIS in Suruç district of Urfa- North Kurdistan, Turkey

Terrorist ISIS attacks youths on their way to Kobanê: 31 people have died and over 100 were injured

This morning around 11am a massive blast occurred in the border city of Suruc in the province of Urfa (in North Kurdistan, Turkey) on the Kobane border. The blast occurred in the garden of Amara Culture Center. The garden of the culture center turned into a blood bath after the blast as the bodies of the youths scattered around the park.

Initial news by the municipality of Suruc, stated that 330 members of the Federation of Young Socialists had arrived in the city to support the reconstruction of Kobane. The assembly arrived in Suruc in a convoy of busses and consisted of youth from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and northern Turkey, between the ages of 20-30. The youth group had developed plans to build a library, construct a children’s park as well as a small hospital.

On arriving in Suruc, the Federation made an official request to the municipality to enter Kobane. Initially, the request was denied, but several hours later the request was accepted and permission was granted.

The youth group gathered at the Amara Cultural Center for a press conference to announce that they were officially granted permission to cross the border. However, during the press conference a suicide blast occurred injuring and killing many.

Initial numbers indicate that so far 31 people have died and over 100 seriously injured. The numbers of dead are only likely to rise.

The blast came one day after the third year anniversary of the Rojava Revolution on July 19, 2012, where the Kurds established the Democratic Autonomous Administration. Celebrations occurred internationally to honor the anniversary.

It is very clear that the ongoing political crises in Turkey has again played a direct role in this recent terrorist attack and tragedy. The direct support and open support for ISIS from various states in the region has ensured that this latest attack has occurred.

The Kurdish resistance and fight against ISIS barbarism is for democracy, human rights and humanity. To support the Kurds in Rojava and to condemn the ISIS and their supporters is a moral and political responsibility for the international community.

This attack is not just a direct attack against the Rojava revolution, but also against all supporters and allies of Kobane.

We demand immediate answers from the Turkish government as to the cause of this incident.

We strongly condemn the brutality of these terrorist attacks, and call on the international community, the European Union, and the Council of Europe to stop the countries that support ISIS.

Kurdistan National Congress – KNK