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Attacks by Turkish state forces intensify in Sur (district of Diyarbakir) and İdil (district of Sirnak)

The Turkish state is openly committing war crimes in front of the world’s eyes.

Babies and wounded among 200 people trapped in basements in Sur.

Since the beginning of the curfews which have been going on for 78 days,  tens of civilians have been killed and now nearly 200 people including wounded civilians and babies are trapped in basements across the district of Sur due to the state forces on-going bombardment.

Those babies and elderly as well as young people wounded during the attacks are trapped in the basements. The wounded people are in a critical condition, and babies as young as 4 months-old are among the civilians under the bombardment of the Turkish state.

Turkish state forces shelling the streets of İdil as over 4 thousand police officers and soldiers accompanied by armored vehicles continue to blockade the town

After the beginning of the curfew in Şırnak’s İdil district last night around 23:00, Turkish artillery bombarded the Turgut Özal Neighbourhood until this morning and Yeni Neighbourhood during the afternoon.

Military deployment of soldiers, police officers and armoured vehicles from Cizre to İdil continues and the total number of Turkish forces in the district has reached 4 thousand. 50 tanks and numerous armoured vehicles accompany the forces, and soldiers have taken position in the Xirabe Şeref village that is only 2 kilometers away from the district center. Soldiers are conducting house-to-house searches in the village where a school was destroyed earlier in order to prevent the soldiers’ potential use of the school as a military base.

Before its imminent attacks on İdil, the AKP-led Turkish state had stored petroleum with the help of tankers from Ankara’s Metropolitan Municipality. With the announcement of the curfew, military deployment to İdil intensified and Turkish forces began to use 2 fuel tankers of this stored petroleum which they had planned to use during their attacks in İdil.

On the other hand, 12 village guards from Kobağ and Herbaka villages in Deşta Darê resigned because they did not want to participate in the attacks on İdil.

Due to the silence of international institutions such as the EU, ECHR, EP and the UN, the Turkish army has killed over 600 civilians since the operations began in the summer of 2015.
Army personnel have been looting the houses of the Kurds which they are using as bases.

The Turkish state is openly committing war crimes in front of the world’s eyes.