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Attempted massacre against Kurds in Turkey: hundreds of civilians injured, at least 4 dead

At least four people have died and hundreds have been injured in a deadly attack against the Kurdish people who were gathered to support the Peoples Democracy Party (HDP).

The HDP had organised a mass rally in the city of Diyarbakir attended by hundreds of thousands of people days before the 7th June General Election. Those agitated by the HDP’s success have added another violent attack against them. Two professionally assembled explosive devices were detonated within three minutes of each other in the area that the rally was taking place.

This attack has come on the back of days of incitement of the people by the ruling AKP party against the HDP. Throughout the past month, the Turkish President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu, along with all AKP officials had launched a lynching campaign against the HDP. These attacks against the HDP are a result of the AKP government demonising the HDP.

As a result of this campaign, today’s attack was the biggest and deadliest of the 250 attacks that have been carried out against the HDP in various cities across the country. Just as in the previous attacks, the President and the Prime Minister are directly responsible for today’s attack.

The fact that the security forces attacked the people — who were trying to help those injured — with pepper spray and water canon straight after the explosives were detonated, shows how this attack was prearranged.

We call upon the public and all international institutions to pressurise the Turkish state into stopping its attacks against the Kurdish people and representatives within the election process; so that the 7th June elections can be held in a secure atmosphere.

The Kurdish people should democratically and peacefully organise against these attacks and resist against all authoritarian and suppressive actions. No one should bow to these policies. We call upon the Kurdish people and all democrats, labourers, women and men of Turkey to vote for the HDP on the 7th of June in order to subvert this dirty game.

Kurdistan National Congres