Languages: Kurdî ‏سۆرانی‎

Call for a NO FLY ZONE in Rojava and North Syria

To the international community and international institutions

Turkey marches into north-east Syria and Rojava Kurdistan in violation of international law and bombards civilians from the countryside and from the air. It is time to replace words of concern with action.

We demand an immediate no-fly zone via Rojava. Turkish President Erdogan’s policy, as well as that of Bashar Al Assad, has targeted ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish population both in the past and today.

We urge the international institutions to intervene. Numerous western states contribute significantly to this ethnic cleansing crime against humanity through their arms sales to Turkey.

We call on the international community to take a position on diplomatic sanctions against Turkey.

We strongly criticize the international community for their reluctance in this war. Every day costs human lives. A clear political stance against Erdogan is the least.

Turkey’s NATO membership must be frozen with immediate effect. In the next step, we call for the exclusion of Turkey from NATO.

The scale of the humanitarian catastrophe in this war is unimaginable. The only allies of the West who defended our values against IS terror are now released for launch. Rojava gives Syria stability, many religious minorities protection and an important democratic perspective.

The international community and international institutions must not let themselves be blackmailed by Erdogan with the refugee deal. This war is also Europe’s war. Those who do not act now tolerate terror in the Middle East and endanger security in Europe since IS will use the new situation to gain significant clout.

Signatures of the parties an
• KNK (Kongreya Netewêyi ya Kürdistanê)
• YNK(Yektiya Nistimane Kurdistan)
• PYD (Partiya yekîtiya Demokrat)
• PDKS(Partiya Demokrat kurdi ya sûrî)
• Partiya çep a kurd li sûrî.
• Tevgera nûjen ya kurdistanî-sûrya.
• EL-PARTİ(Partiya demokrata kurde li Suri)
• Partiya demokrata pêşverû ya kurd li sûrıya.
• Partiya çep a Demokrat li sûrıya
• Partiya yekîtiya kurd li sûriya
• Partiya rêkeftin a kurd li sûrya.
• Partiya çaksaziya kurd li sûriya.
• Partiya kesk a Kurdistanî li sûriya.
• Partiya demoqrata Kurdistanî li sûrya.
• Partiya Komunist a Kurdistanî li sûriya.
• Partiya yekîtiya sûryanî li sûrya.
• PJAK (Partiye jiyana Azada kurdistan)
• Sazimana xebata Kurdistan Iran
• Partiya serbestiya kurdistanê
• Partiya Yekiti
• PIK (Partiya islamiya Kürdistan)
• Partiya Azadiye Kürdistana
• Rêkxistna Kurdistaniyan hizbê komonîstê iranê –
• Revolutionar -Union Of Kurdistan
• KOMALA- Kurdistan organisation of Communist Party of Iran
• KODAR(Civaka demokratîk û Azada rojhelatê Kurdistan)
• KAR(Civaka jinên rojhelatê Kurdistanê)
• KKP ( Partiya Kominista Kurdistan)
• Mezopotamya Özgürlük partisi
• Platforma dimokratîkê Pilatforma Yarsan iran
• Mezopotamya Halk Kongresi
• KCDK-E (Kongra Civaka Kürdistaniyan Ewrupa)
• Welt Kurdische Organisation (wko) .ev.
• Sazmana Xebatê Kürdistana iran
• Mezopotamya Dayanişma Derneğ
• TJK-E (Tevgera Jinê Kürdistanê Ewrupa)
• Platforma yarsan
• Platforma Zagros
• Platforma Hora
• Yekitiya şoreşgeran
• Yarikurd Organization
• Yarsan Democratic Organization
• Tevgerê dimokratîk yarsan
• Kurdisch Gemeînde Deutschland
• Kurdischer Geminde Stuttgart
• CİK (Civaka Islamîaya Kurdistan)
• NAVEN e.V Bonn
• FEDA ( Federesyona Elewîyên Kurdistan)
• NAV – YEK ( Federasyona Komelen Ezidiya)
• Kurdische Zentrum Berlin
• CIK ( Civaka Islamiya Kurdistan
• Enstituta Kurdî – Almamaya
• Enstituta Kurdî – Brüksel
• MŞD ( Meclisa Şingal ya Derveyi Welat)
• YMK ( Yekîtîya Mamostayên Kurdistan)
• YES (Yekitiya Êzdiyên Suri)
• Kurdisch Gemeînde Brandenburg – Berlîn
• ESU (Yekitiya Süryaniye Ewrupa)
• Mala Kurda Berlîn
• Komela Rojan Niviskar Berlin
• Civakê Kurd Berlin
• Komela Rojava Berlin
• Mala gele Kürdistan e.V Berlin
• Kurdische Frauen im Exil Berlin
• The Socialist Trend of koala
• Welt Kurdische Organisation(WKO) e.V.