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In South Kurdistan referendum and in West Kurdistan the election of communes carried out successfully

In South Kurdistan, the process of the referendum for national independence was carried out normally and free of friction. Our people went to the polls and made use of their vote to express their will. This position of our people is in itself a great success. Each and every side either in or out of Kurdistan should respect the will of our people in South Kurdistan.

In the meantime, in West Kurdistan, the election of local assemblies was carried out successfully. This also represents a triumphal step being taken by our people.

We, as the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), salute the position of our people in the South and in the West and wish them more success. We request the United Nations and the international community to respect the will of the Kurdistanian people. Moreover, we strongly condemn the intimidations and interferences of Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, calling upon all Kurdistanian forces to stand united against this wave of interventions.

In the aftermath of these victories, political and military cooperation among Turkey, Iran, and Iraq is set to increase. Russia also would practically join in their alliance. The Russian bombardment of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Dair-Alzor should be viewed in this context.

Occasionally, in a liberationist struggle, internal conflicts emerge more than expected by the revolutionaries. The occupiers and the colonialists often plan indirectly and in the form of a psychological warfare, gaining more than what they may through the use of brute force.

The Kurdish people are wounded being targeted by various colonialist schemes of the Kurdistan’s occupiers. Inside their home, the Kurds suffer from the lack of sufficient education and the public service. Despite all this, they have been organising themselves, cultivating among themselves a type of national amalgamation spanning all parts of Kurdistan. Added to this is the committed approach taken by political establishments which shows their increasing concern to the Kurdish issue. All this, consequently, have led to tangible political, diplomatic and military developments.

Turkey, Iran, and Iraq have all started striking a racist drum, claiming, ostensibly, that their country is under the threat of disintegration, or that a foreign hidden hand is behind the current developments. They have set aside their long sectarian and religious rivalries, forming a new anti-Kurdish alliance, and putting their common friends under pressure to stand against the Kurds.

Outrageous at the recent achievements the Kurds have made, the occupiers of Kurdistan plan to strike a massive blow against them, driving them back one century earlier. Owing to this, each and every single committed activist of Kurdistan should be as brave and serious as they have been. Primitive and narrow nationalism not only does not have any value, but it also does a great harm to our struggle. The Kurds should, more than ever, engage themselves in a voluntary, committed and untiring work, adopting a mild and flawless political language.

The Kurdish struggle is against no one, but a colonialist and occupationist system. We the Kurds can put pressure on this system, weakening it militarily, organisationally, and diplomatically. Taking advantage of the differences among the occupiers of Kurdistan, we can subject them to internal conflict, paralysing their ominous anti-Kurdish alliance. Our achievement should not be temporary but it should serve as a foundation for the promotion of a free and secure life for the new generation. These four states have suffered from domestic and regional disputes that can well be taken advantage of. We should not lodge them into a single anti-Kurdish alliance by providing them with the ostensible reason that they are facing a common threat.

In this regard, the Kurdistan National Congress stresses that each and every single individual Kurd should back their evaluation of the internal problems with a pragmatic understanding. No problem should be exaggerated; efforts should instead be made to solve it. The path to the political involvement of women, youth, handicaps, and other social entities should be promoted as they will help solidify our democratic liberationist struggle. The scope of political dialogue should be much extended in order to promote a democratic atmosphere unreceptive to a trivial discourse. This would ultimately serve as a foundation for our revolutionary force.

It has been years that the KNK has been working tirelessly for the development of cross-cutting alliances between major Kurdish political establishments. Very recently, it has organised a number of Consultation Summit for National Unification. The First Consultation Summit was held on 15-16 July 2017 in Silêmanî, South Kurdistan. The Second Summit, which aimed at East Kurdistan, was held on 16-17 September 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden. The Third Consultation Summit, aimed at West Kurdistan, will be held on 1-2 October 2017. The Consultation Summit of Europe will be held on 13-14 October 2017. Other related gatherings will successively be held on time. After this range of meetings, the Final Consultation Summit will be held to discuss an overall unification. It will also elect an organising committee to prepare for the General Congress of Kurdistan.

In current circumstances, these Consultation Summits are necessary to make possible a national unification. The Kurdistan National Congress calls upon all political and civil organisations as well as independent individuals to participate in the works we have undertaken for national unification.

We call upon all committed citizens to take the initiative seriously and engage themselves in it genuinely. This is how we can all move in the same direction and prevent a possible national dispersion. Not only they should not stay aloof, but they also should support the Pêşmerge and the Guerrilla forces, the People Defence Units (YPG), as well as other defence forces. They should pay a visit to their sites where they defend their people from the dark forces of ISIS, demand the formation of a single defence force, as well as the formation of an all-inclusive national alliance.

Victory belongs to the liberationist struggle of the Kurdistanian people!

The Leading Council of the Kurdistan National Congress.