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Invitation for conference on “Faylee Kurds”

Dear Sir/Madam,
With this letter we warmly invite you to attend the 3rd International Conference on Faylee Kurds, which will be held at the European Parliament, Brussels on 12 April 2018.


Please find attached the letter of invitation and the program of the Conference.

Entrance is free but registration is necessary due to the security of the European Parliament. Registration is possible via:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

1) Name and surname
2) Date of birth
3) Place and country of residence (if possible, the full address of residence)
4) Number of a valid document (ex: passport, national ID, Date of expiry…)

Closing date of registration is 31 March.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference.

Best regards,

Dr. Akram Hawas
Member of KNK, Danmark
Mobil. 004525141504
Email. [email protected]

Zainab Murad Sahrab
Executive Member of KNK, Sweden
Email. [email protected]

Shahla Hafid
Executive Member of KNK, Sweden
Email. [email protected]
Mobil, 0046725151400