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ISIS continues massacres in Kurdistan

In Koco village, nearly 600 civilians were shot to death and buried

Statement 18.08.2014 –Few days back, international media reported that 80 civilian Yezidis (Ezidi) were killed by ISIS in the village of Koco near Sinjar following the invasion from ISIS. Recently 3 Yezidis arrived to Mount Sinjar surviving from this massacre badly wounded and explained that nearly 600 civilians have suffered their lives in the massacre. An equal number of women and children were kidnapped while women accordingly are traded as sex-slaves at various markets.

According to these three survivors, villains from ISIS arrived to the village on August 15, where they were collected along with elderly from nearby villages and brought to an area two km away. Here they were shot one by one. While they themselves were wounded and survived by hiding under corpses of people shot do death, they managed to escape from the area. Accordingly, ISIS executed the civilians following refusal of forced conversion to Islam.

The survivors described the savagery they had witnessed: “First they forced us to convert to Islam. As we refused they gave us time till Sunday. Then they collected all civilians and took our money, phones, gold, and whatever people had. All men were transported in cars to outside the village and executed. We do not know what they did to our women or children…”

Ever since ISIS entered the area, thousands of people fled to the top of Mount Sinjar, where dozens of children have lost their lives following hunger and dehydration, and still thousands are waiting for help. But neither USA, UN nor EU countries have provided serious humanitarian help while the support by air remains insufficient. The only forces active in protecting and guiding the civilians to safe heaven are Kurdish defense forces, i.e. YPG, HPG and YBS. These joint Kurdish forces are engaged in the fight against ISIS with their limited artillery while simultaneously providing humanitarian help to the civilians. International forces still keep their passive stands on watching the events while merely making statement.

As of now, nearly 400 thousands Yezidi Kurds, 100 thousands Keldanis, more than 500 thousands Araps, Turkmen and Shia Kurds have escaped the ISIS in Mousul, Telafer and Sinjar and sought asylum in KRG and Western Kurdistan (Rojava, Syria).

We urgently call upon UN to facilitate the necessasities for providing assistance to all IDPs in Rojava-Kurdistan and KRG and open offices in these areas to provide help.

In Mousul and Sinjar, Muslims, Christians, Araps, Turkmen, Kurdish Yezidis, Kakai, Shias, and Shabaks were brethren. Today all these communities and religions are suffering from horrible conditions, where life becomes impossible under fatwas issued by ISIS. Wherever ISIS is invading, wathcing of TV, womens right to working, or playing football is banned. This is a shame for the world and the entire humanity.

PS: 3 villagers (Xelef Xwedêda, İlyas Salih Qasim and Xidir Hesen Ehmed) received from the PKK Gerilla are sent for treatment to Western-Kurdistan (Rojava, Syria)

Executive Council of KNK