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Joint Declaration by Kurdish, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Parties and Associations

We call for an immediate end of Turkish violations against our people, country and airspace
and we call on international bodies including NATO, UN, US and the EU Member States to support our peoples in the struggle against ISIS.

Today we stand together as Kurdish parties representing by election the majority of the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey as well as many Kurds in Europe. We are emboldened that Ezidi- Kurds and Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Christians have joined with us in taking a united stance as fellow peoples of our country.

Today we stand united with all those victims of the new Turkish aggression against the Kurds and all those of different ethnicities. Now we are the targets of both Turkish aggression and the fundamentalist terrorism by ISIS. We deeply grieve over the pointless killing in Zargali where Turkish jets bombed Kurdish civilians killing 9 people and we express condolences for all those who lost their loved ones. We deplore the destruction of our villages and medical facilities.

The world applauded our fight against ISIS as a last stand against this enemy of humanity. Now we feel utterly disappointed by those who said they would support us but did not when it really mattered.
How can the war against ISIS can succeed if we also have to contend with Turkish aggression at the same time? How can the Kurds and Syriac Christians defend themselves against ISIS if Turkey bombs them as well?

We represent the opportunity that the world is hoping for. We want a Middle East where there is democracy, real rights and personal freedom, freedom of religion, equality between men and women and equality of all peoples. In fact we want a modern and stable Middle East more than anyone else. We know many Turks want the same but the current Turkish government policies represent the old mentality that is dragging our region down as can be seem with absolute clarity now.

We therefore demand an immediate end of Turkish violations against our people, country and airspace. There is no justification for the Turkish attacks on a neighbouring peaceful country. Turkey suddenly stopped the peace process with the Kurds and started overnight a war that turned into a war against our whole people and a blatant political assault on the HDP, a democratic elected party with broad support.

We are very shocked and deeply alarmed that NATO, the UN and USA have all abandoned international law, normal standards of diplomacy and most of all abandoned our peoples who are in the frontline of this important struggle of humanity.

We call on all these international bodies and the EU Member States to return to international standards and law and to support our peoples in our struggle. We have welcomed the support received until now but this help will become pointless if current Turkish aggression is not stopped.

We call on the EU, US, UN and NATO to insist that Turkey immediately ends its attacks and urge it to resume the peace process and to preserve its democracy.
The future of peace in the Middle East depends on the Kurdish struggle. Kurds as a key part of the democratic forces are the ultimate guarantee of security and stability in the region. Their model of living together with all the other ethnic and religious groups in equality and respect will establish the basis for lasting peace. We know that many ordinary people and many politicians around the world sympathise with our aspirations and understand that our struggle is one for the whole of humanity.

We call on you to take appropriate action and raise your voice with us to end this violence.
KNK (Kurdistan National Congress)
PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan -Iraq)
Peoples’ Democratic Party-HDP
Goran Movement, Kurdistan-Iraq
PYD (Democratic Union Party -Syria)
PJAK (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan – Iran)
Kurdish Institute Brussels
European Syriac Union
Solidarity committee with Rojava
YXK, Kurdish Students Union-Europa
Ezidi Council Sinjar in Exile
FKE, Ezidi Federation in Europa
KCD-Europa (Kurdistan Democratic Community in Europa)
TJKE (Kurdistan Women’s Movement –Europa)
Kurdistan Islamic Union (Yekgertu)
PRK, Kurdistan Liberation Party
PSDK (Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party –Iraq)
Hizbî Zehmetkêşanî Kurdistan-Iraq
PIK (Islamic Party of Kurdistan)
Kurdistan European Green Organization
The Free woman in East Kurdistan
Yar-Kurd, Democratic Organization for Yarsan
Komala Islami Kurdistan- Iraq
MDDP Mezopotamya