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KNK Condemn Al-Rawdah Mosque Terror Attack in Egypt!

Mr. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Mr. Prime Minister Sherif Ismail
The people of Egypt, the House of Representatives and the Governorates of Egypt

We condemn today´s terrorist attack, Friday the 24th of November, on innocent and defenseless worshippers in the peaceful al-Rawdah mosque in the town of Bir al-Abd. We see this terrorist attack as a continuation of other terrorist attacks against the civilized nations.

We have witnessed a series of such heinous and cowardly terrorist attack in different parts of the world. We who believe in peaceful- and democratic solutions cannot tolerate terrorism and see these kinds of acts as criminal and unjustifiable which can never be motivated.

As the people of Egypt and the international democratic opinion are aware of, Kurdish people have been facing state terrorism and radical groups terrorism for a long time.

Turkey is practicing state-terrorism in Kurdistan under Turkish occupation. The Kurdistan area has been under a harsh military curfew since July 2014. Disappearance, arbitrary arrest, systematically torturing of civilians, shooting at children, women, elderly, destroying houses, shops and shattering the already poor infrastructure, has been the regular work of the Turkish commando. Turkish security forces enjoy total protection of Turkish state under the AKP.

Turkey, instead of solving the Kurdish issue, chose to organize, support and guide terrorist organizations as ISIS and Jabhe Al-Nusra who have been fighting Kurdish people in the most aggressive and barbaric manner. Terrorist atrocities have been committed against Kurdish people in Rojava/ North of Syria in the cities of Hesseke, Qamishli, Kobane, Afrin and etc, and also in Kurdish areas under control of the KRG, for instance Yazidi Kurds who faced genocide.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has under its 38 years in power continued to terrorize Kurdish people and other peoples in Iran systematically.

We, the people of Kurdistan, therefore feel the pain you feel. Together we will defeat terrorism militarily and will definitely discredit their extremist ideology.

The most important thing for us, Kurdish National Congress, now is to express our condolences and to tell you that the thoughts and prayers of Kurdish people are with the families of those who’ve been lost in Egypt and we stand with you.

Guarding the freedom and the civil rights and liberties of all human beings is a winning path!

بيان ادانة من المؤتمر الوطني الكردستاني
Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK