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KNK Condemn Spain/ Barcelona Terror Attack!

His Excellency Mr. Felipe VI, King of Spain
Prime Minister Mr. Mariano Rajoy
The people and the government of Spain

We condemn yesterday´s, August the 17th terrorist attack in central Barcelona.

We express our sincere sympathy to you and please accept our condolences to those who lost their lives and their families, and to the people and government of Spain. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the people of Spain.

As the people of Kingdom of Spain and the international democratic opinion are aware of, Kurdish people have been facing state terrorism and Islamic radical terrorism for a long time, especially ISIS and Jabha Al Nusre.

Northern Kurdistan under Turkish occupation is under a harsh military care few since July 2014. Disappearance, arbitrary arrest, systematically torturing of civilians, shooting at children, women, elderly, destroying houses, shops and shattering the already poor infrastructure, has been the regular work of the Turkish commando. Turkish security forces enjoy total protection of Turkish state under the AKP.

We, the people of Kurdistan, therefore feel the pain you feel.

The most important thing for us, Kurdish National Congress-KNK, now is to express our condolences and to tell you that the thoughts and prayers of Kurdish people are with the families of those who’ve been lost in Barcelona. We are and will stand with the people of Spain and continue to be in solidarity and unity with the people of Spain in fighting terror.
We believe that a good answer for many different kinds of terrorism is to be united against these dark forces. The right path is continue to guard the freedom, the civil rights and liberties of all human beings.

Kurdistan National Congress – KNK