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On barbaric attacks of the Iranian state on Kurdish civilians

The history of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the last 38 years has been that of oppression, killing, arrest, and terrorisation of the Iranian peoples, especially the Kurdish people whose land, Kurdistan, has been a centre of resistance against totalitarianism. Right at the beginning of its coming to power, the Islamic Republic declared a “holy war” against the Kurdish population. It is well-evident by now that the different approach of the so-called “reformist” faction of the regime is nothing but trivial words and political fabrication. The whole apparatus of the Islamic Republic is equally held responsible for the sustained pattern of oppression meted out on the Iranian peoples.

Despite that the Iranian colonialist regime has turned East of Kurdistan into a grand military station for its security forces, intelligent corps, and popular mobilisation units, it has likewise destroyed Kurdistan’s economic sector. Not only has it not paid the slightest attention to economic the development of Kurdistan, but it has also prevented its population from making the living. Moreover, on different and often useless pretexts it assaults the people on a daily basis.

Kurdish workers and toilers are forced to travel hundreds of kilometres away from their home in order to find a temporary and seasonal job available in the border areas. Back carrying (kolberî) is not a job chosen by Kurdistanians, but is a toiling and slogging adventure imposed on them. Despite this, in order to throw a gloss of legitimacy on the killing of these carriers both the Iranian and the Turkish authorities name them as “smugglers” which is as defaming as insulting to them. The killing and wounding of back-carriers (kolbers) are increasing daily. Despite a peaceful call made by the Kurds, the Islamic Republic has been persistent in its violation of their human rights.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) denounces, in the strongest possible manner, the barbarism of the Islamic Republic including the killing of two Kurdish kolbers from the city of Bane. It also demands the Iranian government to respect the free will and honour of the Kurdish people and to put an abrupt end to their exploitation and occupation of Kurdistan. Once again, we reassure the Iranian authorities that with their further militarisation of Kurdistan they will not be able to silence the Kurds and their demands for legitimate rights. Likewise, we call upon the Kurdish people from all parts of Kurdistan and those in the diaspora to support the protests that have been unleashed in Bane, Serdeşt, Merîwan, and Sine.

The Kurdistan National Congress is well aware of the threats posed by the colonialist states of Kurdistan. By virtue of this, it has been working for the promotion of a national unity encompassing all sectors of Kurdistan including Kurdistan liberationists, because through a unified platform can we neutralise the colonialists’ plans, fending off their threats and offensives. In relation to this, we call upon our people in East of Kurdistan to support with all their power the “Consulting Conference for East of Kurdistan” the KNK has organised in Stockholm for 16-17 September. The purpose of the Conference is for the advancing of the East of Kurdistan into a single solidified front and to maintain it; it endeavours to project to both friends and foes the voices and colours of Kurdistan. The ultimate aim of the Conference is to found a democratic and free Kurdistan that would be a veritable model of equality, the sovereignty of law, justice and human rights.

The Leading Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)