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There is still no news from the political prisoner and Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah OCALAN. The Turkish state has banned all contact with Mr A. OCALAN. The Kurdish people and their friends are seriously concerned for Mr OCALAN’s life and health

Despite that, a few days ago the The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) issued a statement on the aggravated isolation in Imrali, coming after two years means that the institution accepts the continuation of torture and this is a scandal. Publishing a report about a visit two years ago doesn’t comply with the seriousness of the CPT, especially considering Turkey is governed under emergency rule and with the heaviest of oppressive conditions.

Who knows what’s been done to the peoples (of Turkey) during this period? In a country which killed hundreds of civilians, including women and children during the Afrin invasion, speaking about a situation two years ago is not acceptable for an institution like the CPT.

This situation also concerns the Council of Europe (COE) and its member states. To disregard the oppression and human rights violations, which are known to the Council of Europe, shows that these actions are based on political interests rather than principles. If this is not the case, the Council of Europe should act in accordance with its responsibilities. It should stop the Turkish state’s physical and psychological pressure in Imrali. The Kurdish people and democratic powers expect the Council of Europe to act responsibly.

The members of the International Imrali Delegation, the friends of the Kurds around the world and millions of Kurds have always raised their serious concerns about Mr OCALAN’s prison conditions and asked for his release.

Despite the request by millions of Kurds, the CPT has still not made any attempt to visit Mr Abdullah OCALAN in the last two years. Due to the urgency and importance of the issue and to fulfil our moral duties we, the Kurds and their friends, have decided to undertake a 5-day hunger strike in EU countries as a warning, to get information from Mr Abdullah Ocalan or for the CPT to visit him.

Mr OCALAN’s life and security are, fundamentally, a political question. If Turkey’s most important question is the Kurdish question, then Mr OCALAN’s situation is a serious political question.

* The treatment of Mr Ocalan is vital to the Kurdish people

* The Kurds and their friends demand an urgent meeting with Mr Ocalan and his freedom

* The treatment of Mr Ocalan is vital for the credibility of European values of human rights

* The EU, EC and CPT are responsible for the wellbeing of Mr Ocalan

Committee for the Freedom of OCALAN and political prisoners