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The Turkish General Election and the International Day of Kobané

1st november, was two important occasions for Kurdish people. One of them was the Turkish elections which was held for the second time since the AKP government saw itself did not accept the result it got of June 7th election and imposed a chaotic order which lead to a new election, Nov 1st. The second occasion was that Nov. 1st was the day which the Kurdish freedom fighters under the leadership of YPG and YPJ pushed the ISIS back and liberated the city of Kobané.

Kobané was under the siege of ISIS, a terrorist self-named “Islamic state”, supported by Turkey against Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Freedom Movement tried hard to launch a lasting ceasefire to bring peace and order back to Turkey, and thus, a better general election, and to give a chance to people to celebrate the liberation of Kobané, as they really deserved after the very heavy sacrifices Kurds have made.

Unfortunately, the AKP government didn´t pay any attention to the KCK/ PKK calls to give peace another chance. Due to Turkish aggression against Kurdistan, especially after July 23rd where Turkey decided to fight against PKK both in Qendil Mountains and other places and additionally in the cities and towns of Northern Kurdistan (Bakur) against civilians. Therefore the atmosphere was too harsh, too unhuman and too risky for the Kurdistani voters. With the last terrorist twin-bomb in Ankara on October 10th against Kurds and Turkish democrats and leftists, the message of Turkish state was clear: Zero-tolerance to Kurdish political activities!

Even if the political activities were always practiced peacefully, democratically and legally.
The last 2 years, but especially the last 3 months, Kurdistan in Turkey (Bakur) is finding itself under a military care few. Disappearance, arbitrary arrest, systematically torturing of civilians, shooting at children, women and elderly, destroying houses, shops and shattering the already poor infrastructure, has been the regular work of the Turkish commando and security forces who enjoy total protection of Turkish state.

The result of the election was therefore bad for HDP. The Turkish state imposed a non-equal, unjust and dangerous situation on Kurds. Nevertheless, the HDP could successfully get over the 10 % of the threshold, which means 60 seats, but the price was high. Kurdish people suffered a lot.

We, the Kurdistan National Congress, call Turkey to respect the national and democratic rights of Kurdish people and to answer the unilateral cease fire and the call of peace of the PKK leadership. We advise Turkey to free Kurdish political prisoners among them Mr. Ocalan, a man who has been struggling hard so the Kurdish question can be solved by democratic and peaceful means. Turkey must react positively and show appreciation to Mr. Ocalan’s peace initiative. We remind Turkey that Kurds will continue to defend themselves and the Turkish aggression policy is doomed to fail. Turkey must return to the negotiation table and stop supporting various Islamic radical and fascist groups as ISIS and Jabhe Alnusra.

We ask the International community, the US, the EU, Russia and democratic and progressive forces to do their share to bring about a peaceful solution of Kurdish question.

The liberation of Kobané is a great example of the will of nations to victory and to be a part of a free world. The people of Kurdistan deserve respect and the same universal rights which should and must be applied to the mankind.

In the spirit of Nov. 1st we insist on peace, brother- and sisterhood, equality and friendship based on mutual interest and mutual respect!

Kurdistan National Congress