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The violent Iranian Regime, Ferinaz and the Mahabad uprising

In Mahabad, a Kurdish women committed suicide in order to escape from being raped by an Iranian intelligence agent. People of Mahabad have been on the streets for over two days now mounting a forceful protest against the savage barbarism of the Iranian regime. Ferinaz Xosrowaniye, was working at Hotel Tara. An Iranian agent had gone to the hotel and attempted to abuse her. However, Ferinaz Xosrowaniye tried to save herself from the aggressive government office and lost her life after jumping from the fourth floor.

The people of Mahabad reacted immediately when news of this sad incident arrived by filling out the streets and corners of the city of Mahabad. The angry protestors surrounded Hotel Tara and heavily condemned the events. In response, the Iranian intelligence forces and army have attacked the protestors, resulting in tens of wounded and arrested as a result.

The protestors eventually set the hotel on fire, as it was seen to have sheltered the ‘Itlaat’ (Intelligence Security Officers) agents, and attempted to raise their voice in protest against the brutality of the Iranian regime and its treatment of Kurdish women. The crowed has demonstrated an unwavering stance. One which has grown in waves and is still growing by the hour. The incident in Mahabad should not be neglected and should be regarded as a deliberate in line with the systematic oppression of the Kurds by the Islamic regime.

This violent act, conducted by Iranian state agents and its hired people, is representative of the interventionist and violent policies of the Iranian state across Kurdistan. Indeed, this violent policy is one adopted by all the colonial powers who continue to surround and occupy Kurdistan. The Iranian regime has abandoned all efforts towards human rights and freedom of the Iranian people, while life in Kurdistan has become ever more unbearable repressive. The number of Kurdish political and human rights activists who face executions and have already been executed is rising at an alarming rate.

The Iranian intelligence services play a special role in the continued and daily violation of Kurdish human rights, and spare no effort or repressive policy towards the Kurds. A day does not pass without Kurdish women being harassed by the intelligence agencies. Yet Kurdish women have endeavored to organize themselves and resist the oppressive policies of the regime, and as a result have gained freedom and self-respect as a result.

Kurdish women resist against both the repression and the authority of the regime, but also against gender based violence, which is an act of great political defiance. Yet, this resistance has caused the Iranian regime and intelligence arms to intensify its assaults and harassment of Kurdish women. The latest example of this is Ferinaz Xosrowani who was the target of sexual assault at the hands of an intelligence office in order to dishonor this brave Kurdish woman.

Ferinaz instead resisted by taking her own life to prevent her assault at the hands of the Iranian intelligence officer. As a result, Kurdish women show their strength yet again and demonstrate that they will now allow their enemy to defile their honor. The enemy’s assault on Kurdistan and Kurdish women will end only with the revolution, and the resistance of brave Kurdish women.

The KNK honors Kurdish women like Ferinaz Xosrowaniye and we send our deepest condolences to her family and the people of Mahabad. The KNK also sees great value and hope in the uprising of the people of Mahabad. The Kurds, who are against repression and any form of gender violence from the colonial regime of Iran must show their resistance and fight against the regime.

The KNK calls upon all who value Kurdistan and its freedom to stand in solidarity with the people of Mahabad and most importantly- not let the Iranian government to impose gender and sexual violence on Kurdish women. It is integral that the Kurds protest against the assaults on Kurdish women by the government and that we show our support for the women of Mahabad, and all women of Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan).

We wish that the perpetrators of inhumanity in Iran to be captured and prosecuted and wish to see an end to the assaults and attacks on the Kurdish people by the Iranian government. The Iranian government is guilty and we strongly condemn and hold them responsible .

The Executive Council of Kurdistan National Congress- KNK