Languages: Kurdî ‏سۆرانی‎

To the press and international public opinion: March in 5-6 December, from Lozan to Geneve!

We are as representatives of institutions, parties, intellectuals, writers, artists, artists, journalists, academicians, Christians, Kurds, Syriac-Chaldean, Assyrian Armenians, Turkmen, Alevi, Muslim, Yazidi, women, and youth, organizing the ‘National Unity March’ from Lausanne to Geneva on 5 and 6 December 2019.

In the twentieth century, when the Middle East was shared, European colonial states tried to dominate the people of the region by forming nation-states despite the will of the people, and the oppressive regimes put in charge by them have been vomiting blood out of people of the region for the past century.

The biggest convenience that facilitates the interests of the colonial powers is the lack of unity between the Kurds. Kurdish people were weakened through divide-rule and assimilation policies. However, after a 100- year hiatus, the Kurdish people have reached a deep national consciousness and believe that they will achieve their objective with national unity in this century. For the first time, the powers exploiting the Kurdish people; The Turkish, Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian states have entered into such a weak and disintegrating phase. History offers a gold opportunity to all oppressed people, especially the Kurds. Today, the Kurds have entered a stage where they can achieve a result with national unity. By consolidating their Unity, the Kurds are in a position to make a significant contribution to the democracy of the region as well as to achieve a status for their identity. However, there are powers that are still hoping for the lack of status of the Kurds. Just as the international powers who have been indifferent to the ethnic cleansing started by the Turkish state on 9 October in Rojava / North and East Syria.

For the Kurds, the only way to stop this situation in this century is convening the national unity conference to decide on their self-determination. Fragmentation, sectarianism, and particularism will cause all Kurds to lose, not a single part. Unity, on the other hand, will make all Kurds win.
We will make the following call at the press conference in front of the building where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed as the massacre decree of the people of Kurdistan, in order to prevent the disasters, we have experienced again.

National unity is a historical necessity for all of us to make the 21st century a century of freedom and status for Kurdistan. Our people, intellectuals and artists have foreseen a great danger, as a result, they have taken the necessary step for forming a national unity. Therefore, we call upon all parties from Lausanne in the presence of the world public and the people of Kurdistan to take responsibility and to mobilize for the national unity and convene the national congress.

Our other aim in the march is to protest against the invasion of Rojava Kurdistan which has taken place since 9 October and massacres committed by the Turkish state since then. We call upon the peoples of the world and the supporters of democracy and rule of law to be sensitive about ongoing Turkey’s crimes against humanity in Rojava and, urge international institutions, and especially the United Nations to fulfill their moral and legal responsibilities.

We urge everyone to work for national unity with a sense of responsibility.
With the slogan od [To defy the Imperialist Occupation, construct the NATIONAL Unity] Ji Bo Têkbirina Dagirkeriyê Yekîtiya Netewî Ava Bikin! we invite the representatives of Kurdistani Party-institutions, artists, intellectuals and academicians to join together to strengthen the ‘National Unity March’ from Lausanne to Geneva and all over the world.

We also invite all the Kurdistan press to take the National Union marches on their agenda from now on and follow the marches that will be held on December 5-6 in Lausanne, Geneva and on December 7 in all over the world.

Starting Time: 10.30, Starting Location: Place de la Riponne, 1018 Lausanne

Time 10.30-12.00 The Press Conference will begin in front of the building where Kurdistan was divided into four parts: Place de la Riponne, 1018 Lausanne Time: 12.00-15.00 March
Time: 18.00-20.00 National Unity Panel (Salle de Spectacles, Rue de Lausanne 37 1020 Renens) Time: 20.00-22.00 Concert by Participants (Salle de Spectacles, Rue de Lausanne 37 1020 Renens)

6 DECEMBER GENEVA Time: 13.00-17.00 March Time: 17.00-18.00 In front of the United Nations Building, Meting Sterk TV Live Broadcast 19.00-21.00 (March participants) National unity and call for participation in National Unity marches to be held on December 7 around the world

• Ahmet Şego Official of Rojava
• Ali Baran Artists / Musician
• Ali Matur Member of KNK
• Ali Zülfikar Painter
• Areş Yari Artists / Musician / Eastern Kurdistan
• Azad Osman Member of Diplomacy Committee: Communist Party of South Kurdistan
• Aziz Tunç Writer and Co-Chair of MARDEF
• Abas Omer Member of PYD
• Azad Abdulahresit Member of YNK
• Bengî Agirî Artists / Musician
• Bahtiyar Seyitxani Official of YNK Europe
• Bavê Heqî PYD Representative
• Basak Nuri Munich Politician, South Kurdistan
• Bavê Şêro PYD Representative
• Besime Konca TJK-E Representative
• Beser Şahin Artists / Musician
• Cemal Zariya Journalist, Eastern Kurdistan
• Cano Şakir Union of Intellectuals of Rojava Kurdistan (HRRK)
• Cemo Doğan Artists / Musician
• Cewad Merwani Artists / Musician
• Dersim PYD Representative
• Devres Ferho President of Brussels Kurdish Institute
• Dîlber Hêma Helbestvan
• Diyar Artists / Musician
• Diyar Bekir Politician-South Kurdistan
• Dr. Engin Sustam University of Paris
• Dr. Cengiz Gunes Academician
• Dr. Rigrag Nûjen Movement
• Dr. Sedat Ulugane Academician
• Doc. Dr. Çetin Gϋrer Academician
• Ebdulbaqî Ess’ed President of MAF (Syrian Human Rights Organization)
• Emin Dilmaç CİK
• Emele Artists / Musician
• Faruk Semedi Representative of PDK (KDP) Eastern Kurdistan
• Fatma Sik Former Mayor of Sur
• Fatoş Göksungur Co-Chairman of KCDK-E
• Faysal Sarıyıldız Former HDP Deputy
• Fergin Melik Aykoç Teacher and Writer-Düsseldorf Kurdish Institute
• Fereydûn Kuncirini Politician – South Kurdistan
• Ferid Efrînî. Artists / Musician – Eastern Kurdistan
• Firat Imirza Artists / Musician
• Fikret İgret Co-President of Shingal Majlis outside of Motherland
• Firaz Baran Journalist / Writer
• Faruk Muhsinoglu Member of KNK
• Günay Aslan Journalist / Writer
• Goran Hama Politician – South Kurdistan
• Goran Babali Representative of Goran Movement
• Hajar Nuri faqe Nuneri bashur Suei kurdstan Ewrupa
• Hatice Altınışık Former HDP Official
• Hemid Bahoz Artists / Musician and Officer of NCÊ
• Hekim Sefkan Poet, Artists / Musician.
• Hasan Muhammed Official of Goran
• Hüseyin Alatas Representative of KKP
• Hüseyin İçli Representative of KKP
• Hikmet Serbilind President of PÎK
• Hüseyin Erkan Representative of Kawa Movement in Europe
• Hüseyin Torun Writer
• Hoshyar Abdullah Politician – South Kurdistan
• İbrahim Ali CİK
• İbrahim Alipur Official of PJAK Europe
• Idris Bagok Artists / Musician and Official of NCÊ
• Kemal Bilgit Official of KKP
• Karez Xelifan Youth South Kurdistan
• Kawa Nemir Poet and Critique
• Kawa Artists / Musician
• Kawa Urmiye Artists / Musician
• Lami Özgen Former President of KESK
• Leyla Birlik Member of KNK Politburo
• Lezgin Botan Former HDP Deputy
• Mahzar Zumrut Official of Dusseldorf Kurdish Institute
• Mehmet Yaşar Representative of KKP
• Mehmet Söğüt Writer
• Mehemed Heci CİK
• Meran Merawdali Nonerê Tevgera Gorran -k.Diblomasy Europa
• Muzaffer Küçükyıldız Official of PKAN
• Nursel Aydoğan Former HDP Deputy
• Necibe Karacdagi Representative of Azadi Movement
• Nebez Abdullah Rasul Politician – South Kurdistan
• Nadia Muzuri Politician – South Kurdistan
• Nejdet Atalay Batman eski Belediye Baskani
• Newroz Qadir Politician – South Kurdistan
• Omid Baban Member of Diplomacy Committee: South Kurdistan Communist Party
• Ozan Emekçi Artists / Musician
• Ozan Şanoger Artists / Musician
• Peywan Arjîn Artists / Musician
• Refik Abdulah European Representative of Goran
• Refiq Xefûr Member of KNK Central Committee
• Réwi Rédur Artists / Musician and Co-Chairman of NÇÊ
• Reber Dosky Cinema
• Rizan Yusus European Representative of YES
• Ronak Ahmet Member of KNK
• Sabri Eryigit European Representative of PÎK
• Suzan Samancı Writer
• Seyitxan Artists / Musician
• Soran Ali, Representative of YNK Europe
• Songül Çelik. FEDA
• Süleyman Sever Seroke Kurdische Gemeinde Stuttgart e.V.
• Sibel Yiğitalp Former HDP Deputy
• Şemdin Artists / Musician
• Şiwan Perver Artists / Musician
• Şevket Bakan Member of KNK
• Vıyan Mayi Film Production Stage manager
• Xebat Şakir PYD
• Xelil Xemgin Artists / Musician
• Xebat Dhoki Artists / Musician
• Yaqob Tilermenî Niviskar
• Yıldız Hane PYD-Women
• Yüksel Koç Co-Chairman of KCDK-E
• Yüsüf Yesilöz Writer- Scriptwriter
• Zehra Dogan Painter – Nîgarvan
• Zahir Loran Artists / Musician
• Zozan Dêrik PYD
• Zübeyir Aydar Member of Central Committee Board of KNK