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Turkish state is committing crimes against humanity in Kurdistan!

The killing of children is amongst the worst war crimes
Children are being murdered in Kurdistan by Turkish staate
Are they really, as President Erdogan claims, struggling against terrorists?

The reality is pointing to something else. Yes there is a war in north Kurdistan. And this war is being waged against every part of Kurdish society, not least its children. PDF

The Kurds have been struggling for years to ensure a free and democratic country for their children. Their ambition is to leave their children a country in which they are able to be educated in their own language; a country in which they will not be ashamed of admitting their identity. They are paying a heavy price in order for their children to be able to play Kurdish games, to not be subjected to degrading abuse and to not be physically attacked.

Even the granting of natural rights from birth will ensure a solution to this problem, for the most part. However, the monistic mentality of the Turkish state that rejects the existence of other peoples has always meant that certain people have always been subjected to massacres, forced migration, or both.
The war that is being pursued by the Turkish state against the Kurds is actually being waged against the rejected peoples. In addition, the children are being killed first…

The murdering of child “enemy” and child “terrorist”
Even a normalisation of the reaction shown against the routinized murder of children by the state is observable. There has been no reaction by international institutions, especially the UN and UNICEF.

The killing of children is amongst the worst war crimes. Because children are the most vulnerable part of human communities. Children signify the future of a society. They contain the dreams of their parents in their tiny bodies. Moreover, of course, childhood is the purest and most innocent segment of life.

The world of children cannot comprehend war, or curfews. The big laws of the state, its rules and its policies do not interest children. Children are children in all cultures and they, more than anyone, know the importance of a shared life.

The UN Children’s Rights Treaty says “all children no matter their race, colour, sex, language, political or any other belief; national, ethnic or social background; disability, birth or any other status should be treated equally”

However, in places of war these treaties have no value. Because in these places children are never just children. They are the future of a society deemed an enemy. Their life is lived on the edge. President Erdogan had once said to Israel “you know very well how to kill children”. However, the very same Erdogan paved the way for the killing of Kurdish children when he said in 2006 “what needs to be done will be done, even if they are women and children”. As a result, the child death toll in Turkey has been rising ever since.

In a report written by Evren Ozgur from The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey in 2011, a total of 241 children were killed in Turkey; 20 in prison, 18 in extrajudicial killings, 3 in police custody, 128 by land mines and 72 were killed for disobeying a stop warning.

According to a 2012 report by the Child Bureau of the Human Rights Association’s Diyarbakir Branch, in 2002 18; in 2003 12; in 2004 12; in 2005 12; in 2006 23; in 2007 9; in 2008 17; in 2009 21; in 2012 16; and in 2011 33 children were murdered.

Out of the 34 people killed in Roboski, 22 were children. In the first six months of 2012, 10 children were murdered. In the years of 2013-2014 5 children were murdered and up to the 29th of September, 2015, 23 children have been murdered.

In a report published on Bianet, Sirnak is where most children have been killed in the recent conflict. Since 20 July, 11 children have been killed. The highest number of child deaths occurred in the district of Cizre, where 35 day-old Muhammed Tahir Yaramis was also killed.

10 year-old Cecile Cagirga, who had been shot nine times and was kept in a freezer for days due to the curfew, also lived in Cizre.

Number of children killed as a result of state terror in 2015: 21 children in 71 days.

•Ümit Kurt (14), Cizre, Şırnak
•Nihat Kazanhan (12), Cizre, Şırnak
•Serhat Savaş (17), Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul
•26 July: Beytullah Aydın (11), Diyarbakır
•27 July: Hasan Nerse (17), Şırnak
•7 August: Mehmet Hıdır Tanboğa (17), Silopi, Şırnak
•13 August: Emrah Muhammed Aydemir (15), Diyadin, Ağrı
•12 August: Orhan Aslan (16), Diyadin, Ağrı
•19 August: Fırat Elma (16), Esenler, İstanbul
•27 August: Baran Çağlı (7), Cizre, Şırnak
•27 August: Emin Yanaş (10), Cizre, Şırnak
•27 August: Adem İrtegün (16), Şırnak
•28 August: Mazlum Turan (16), Mardin, Kızıltepe
•30 August: Fırat Simpil (13), Silvan, Diyarbakır
•5 September: Muhammed Tahir Yaramış (35 days), Cizre, Şırnak
•6 September: Cemile Çağırga (13), Cizre, Şırnak
•10 September: Sait Nayici (16), Cizre, Şırnak
•10 September: Zeynep Taşkın (17), Cizre, Şırnak
•10 September: Selman Ağar (10), Cizre, Şırnak
•10 September: Bünyamin İrci (14), Cizre, Şırnak
•13 September: Tahsin Uray (13), Mardin
•27 September: Elif Şimşek (8) Bismil, Diyarbakır
•29 September: Berat Güzel (9), Bismil, Diyarbakır

In a report published by compiled from Human Rights Association reports the number of child deaths before the AKP government totaled 380. The numbers since AKP is taking of office show that it is adamant in continuing this state policy.

The children of the nineties — who witnessed the blazing down of their villages, who were forced to migrate, whose parents and siblings were brutally murdered in from of their eyes — are now today’s radical youngsters. Many of the relatives of the ‘extrajudicial killings’ made their way to the mountains. The impact on society of the torture and sexual abuse of children in prison is another matter completely.

All international authorized and responsible institutions and forces, in particular the UN tand UNICEF o take diplomatic measures and sanctions for stopping the state terror of Turkey against Kurdish civilians
The International Criminal Court to start an investigation against the Turkish state for violating international law and law of war, consciously targeting civilians and by doing so committing crimes against humanity.

Kurdistan National Congress- KNK