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Congratulations on the liberation of the town of Sirrin

We condemn the Turkish Army’s attacks on the YPG/YPJ and FSA

In western Kurdistan (Rojava), the victories of the People’s Protection Units (YPG)/Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and Free Syrian Army (FSA) continue. The town of Sirrin, located south of Kobanê, which was used as a military base by the ISIS terrorist organization, was liberated today by the YPG/YPG and FSA, inflicting a great defeat on ISIS.

At the same time, the fighters of YPG/YPJ, Assyrian-Syriac forces, and the al-Sanadid Arab forces continue to achieve victories throughout Hasaka, liberating many neighborhoods and strategic areas from terrorists. In the city of Hasaka, the ISIS terrorists are fully encircled and we believe that they will soon be defeated. The international coalition’s air support has played an important role in these victories.

These victories have alarmed the Turkish state, who have attacked the positions of the YPG/YPJ and FSA. The YPG has issued a formal statement concerning these incidents: “On 24 July at 4:30 AM, the Turkish army used tanks to bomb our positions and those of the FSA in the village of Zormikhar in the west of Kobanê across from Jarabulus.

As a result of these attacks, 4 FSA fighters and a number of villagers were wounded. That night at 10:00 PM once again the Turkish army attacked our positions and those of the FSA. 7 tank shells were fired. Additionally, in eastern Kobanê, to the west of Girê Spî in the village of Tel Findir at 11:00 PM, our convoy was were fired on by Turkish soldiers.” Furthermore according to reports from the region, the Turkish Army has gathered on the border of Kobanê in the area of Tel Shair and is making preparations to attack.

The Turkish state is aiming to weaken the YPG/YPJ and its allies. It is well known that the YPG/YPJ and its allies are the most effective forces resisting ISIS. This approach is aiding ISIS and causing a dangerous situation which must be addressed and prevented.

We condemn the Turkish state’s attacks and call for an end to these hostile actions. We also call on the international coalition against ISIS and world public opinion to speak out against these dangerous attacks perpetrated by the Turkish state and not remain silent.

We give our congratulations on the victories by the YPG/YPJ and Free Syrian Army against ISIS, especially on the liberation of the town of Sirrin, and hope for these victories to continue.

KNK Executive Council